Current Table of Contents*


Foreword (invited author)

1960s-1980s: The Earliest Pioneers

A Brief Tour Through Early History

Women Enter the Technology Design Space

1980-1993: Personal Computing

The New Graphical User Interface

Xerox PARC

Apple's Human Interface Group

Exploring Multimedia


Beyond the Desktop

Interactions with Equipment & Kiosks

Early Community Building

The Birth of SIGCHI

Educating the Interaction Designer

1993-2005: The Internet Changes Everything

BBSs, The Web & The Dot Com Boom

Early Internet Services

Hypertext and the World Wide Web

Designing with Information

Expanding Community


American Center for Design

AIGA Advance for Design / Experience Design SIG

Web Driven Communities

Educating Interaction Designers

2005-2012: The Rise of Web 2.0

After the Bust

Social Media Helping Define Web 2.0

Interaction Design Patterns

The Growing World of Devices

Internet of Things & Screenless Interactions

Designing Voice

Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Finding Practitioner Community

The Community of Information Architecture

The Rise and Fall of the IA Institute

IXDA - A Call to Arms

Remaking Education

2015-Today: Concerns for the 21st Century

Changing the World with Human Centered Design

Change in Civic Spaces

Big Data, Ethics & Human-Centered AI

Designing with Data

Equity and Inclusion in AI Design

Social Impact & Design Justice




*As of January 2023

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