Lost Women of the Internet Era –
Dot com boom to Social Media

Presentation of a new talk on the Women in IXD from the Internet Era 1992-2000. Short 1/2 hour version done for Chicago UX Camp May 20, 2023

The Lost Women of Interaction Design: Early Women in IXD

Stanford's Human-Computer Interaction Seminar
February 24th, 2023.

Corrections: Terry Roberts graduated within the CS program with the first HCI focused PhD and finished in 1979, officially graduating (walking) in June 1980. She worked on her dissertation from 1977-1979, not 77-78 as I mention in the talk. 

Xerox in Palo Alto contained both PARC and a product division. Doris Wells-Papanek worked for the product division and not PARC but interacted with PARC people regularly. Terry Roberts spent time in PARC while working on her dissertation but was hired into the product division to work on the Star after she graduated.

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Lost Women of IXD

Design History Society
Hidden Histories: Gender in Design Seminar Series
Selected paper for presentation
April 2022

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