Women of IXD
Visual Connections Posters

This poster visually explores the connections of women in human-centered design across a variety of facets. Time moves from left to right and types of organizations from are loosely arranged from top to bottom including Government, Corporate, Universities, Agencies, and Community entities. The names of the women, in yellow, are linked to the entities across time. Investigate cross connections. Review how many people got their early start at Xerox PARC or Apple or MIT. How many women have moved across the spectrum of time and types of entities. Check out the early days of IXD community conferences and who acquired who across corporate and agency life. This is a work in progress but now made available on Etsy.

Connection Diagram available in two sizes:
36x24 - $35.00
24x18 - $30.00

Poster prints fulfilled by Printful.

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